China Blockchain Partners engaged to give a training on Blockchain technology to the Belgian accounting organization.

On 18 May 2018 the team of China Blockchain Partners gave a full afternoon training on Blockchain technology and its use cases. The CBP team was engaged by the Belgian accounting organization to provide its members with a briefing on this new and revolutionizing technology.

Pieter Verstraete, partner at CBP, initially discussed the core principles of decentralized and distributed open ledgers and the Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain. Pieter addressed the core interests from the audience such as what are blockchains and what benefits do they provide. In a next part Pieter gave concrete examples on how the technology is being used in the accounting and auditing industry.

Bert Schelfhout gave an overview of interesting use cases in the banking industry and applications of the technology by local and federal governments. He discussed the impact the distributed ledger technology can have on governance and provided a detailed overview of legal and fiscal framework for crypto currencies in Belgium.

The feedback the team at CBP received was heart warming. In a follow up email the organizers thanked CBP for ‘ the excellent eye-opening training with plenty of examples, concrete use cases and practical advice for implementation.’  The CBP team looks forward to the next training and opportunity to educate professionals about the Blockchain technology.

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