The initial cooperation between China Blockchain Partners (CBP) and NEO started in November 2017, after a meeting between CBP’s legal expert and NEO’s international business development team. During the meeting both parties discussed the rollout of NEO in Europe and the legal aspects pertaining to this, according to Mr. Van Aert.

 ‘We successfully completed the first phase, during which we researched the legal status of smart contracts and legal requirements regarding initial coin offerings (ICO’s).  In order to get the latest info we reached out to governments and discussed these legal questions in person with government officials. We coordinated our efforts with NEO’s legal team led by Miles Graham and delivered the first results at the end of January, focusing on the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) and Germany.

NEO’s team was very pleased with the results and we are happy to announce we increased our legal research cooperation and will now add the Scandanavian countries to the scope of the project. “This is a very exciting project cause we get to work with one of China’s largest and most well-known blockchain project and have established direct discussions with EU’s countries’ governments. We expect to finalize this work by the end of May and look forward to further strengthening our partnership” Mr. Robert Van Aert concludes.