What We Do

Marketing & Communications

We develop and execute a marketing and communication strategy targeting European crypto communities, corporations, media partners and value adding investors. Our team covers every aspect of building out a sustainable and influential online and offline community.

Business expansion

We help EU businesses roll out their services on Chinese blockchains. By doing this they gain market share, attract a new customer base in China and innovate their way of doing business.

Training and education

We provide seminars and workshops for corporations to educate their team on the opportunities of the rapidly growing (Chinese) blockchain projects.

Legal compliance

Our in-house and outside legal experts guide ventures and governments with legal set up, structure, AML, KYC, jurisdictions, structure, disclaimers for initial coin offering and blockchain businesses.

Investment Marketing & Relations

We help projects to raise capital and establish investor partnerships allover the world. We help private clients investing in Asian blockchain tokens and coins which have great potential for both short term and long term growth.

ICO launch

We consult and help to execute the business strategy and technical set up of your coin or token on a Chinese blockchain project.

About Us

We gathered a team of passionate industry experts to form
China Blockchain Partners.
Our global team has a diversified skill set in marketing and business management, ICO consulting, legal protection, blockchain programming and can successfully turn ideas into reality.

Mission Statement

We believe in the sheer unlimited potential of Chinese blockchain technologies and are committed to building the blockchain future together.

European first mover companies grasping the business opportunities that the blockchain presents and work together with the best China based blockchain projects and help them to reach a global audience.

We do that by providing end-to-end solutions, a one-stop service. With our technical and business development team we consult and integrate the needed solutions until the desired result has been achieved.

Partnership Showcases

China Blockchain Partners partnered up with NEO, the leading Chinese crypto project by market cap, to help them with their global expansion. We tackled legal questions related to their rollout in EU ranging from the status of smart contracts, tokens and digital proof to optimal legal set up, securities-related laws and tax/auditing requirements.

China Blockchain Partners consulted a leading Chinese crypto project. We evaluated their communications strategy, rolled out a international marketing strategy, rebranded the project and represented the project on major events and meet-ups This led to a substantial increase in their developer community and reach of global investors.

China Blockchain Partners worked together with leading Chinese blockchain companies in Internet Of Things. We created sustainable partnerships with European companies in the logistics industry in order to improve the efficiency of their supply chain management. In addition, this blockchain technology offers many other opportunities such as anti-counterfeit and food safety solutions.

How We Work

We only work with companies that serve a great purpose. We start with an assessment of your venture and analyze all aspects that may impact our joint success. We take you through a clearly defined process and make sure your long-term milestones have impact and are achievable.

With our global team we work at China speed, around the clock. We are agile, think as partners and enjoy projects that give us the opportunity to be hands-on, pivotal and achieve long lasting success. We deliver the first agreed upon deliverables in as little as a month after having started our cooperation.

We believe project external experts shouldn’t be successful on the back of clients. Our interests should be aligned with yours and therefore as partners we only accept payment in your tokens.

Management Team

Robert Van Aert

Blockchain legal and
fiscal expert

Pieter Verstraete

Global business consultant
strategy and management

Dries van de Wal

Business Development

Bert Schelfhout

Policy Advisor

Vivi Liu

China Fintech Specialist

Let’s get started.

One step at a time, lets meet and greet.

Tell us about your project and we will let you know how
China Blockchain Partners can help.


When recruiting our team and building our partnerships we stick
to our China Blockchain Partners values:

The Blockchain first

We believe the blockchain will fundamentally change the way business is done, governments interact with their citizens and financial transactions are conducted. The technology is in its infancy and large-scale adaptation will be an uphill battle, we are committed to help to build out the future of the blockchain.

Business Opportunity

Blockchain is not merely a philosophy or interesting technology, it has the potential to fundamentally impact a company’s bottom line. Implementing the technology in the right way can lead to better engagements with clients, increased efficiency, better services and goods and decreased costs.

China-EU partnerships

China and the EU are growing closer together. The increased political cooperation leads to new business opportunities for EU companies on the Chinese market and the other way around. We aim to help to build out those partnerships and create value for both sides.

Our Partners

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